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A&C Provides the best Real Estate pest and termite inspection reports in the industry. We can provide you with a fast inspection reports in Apple Valley & the High Desert area. Contacting us is the last step to getting your inspection done and getting the report you need. 

What to Expect

A Termite and/or Pest inspection, entails a thorough inspection of the complete exterior and interior of the home or building. A termite inspection will look for wood destroying pests. Our inspector will need access to the entire exterior. The Termite inspector will need access to  garage and exterior walls, attic, crawl space, sinks and other areas in your home.  


The inspector will be looking for:

1. Signs of termite activity or infestation in your home

2. Potential termite access points:

3. Conditions that may lead to future termite infestations in your home.

Upon completion of the termite inspection, the inspector will go over all findings and recommendations with the homeowner or agent if desired. 

How to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

*Home/ Building Interior- Inspector will need access to all walls and base boards

*Garage walls: Move items two feet away from the garage walls so the inspector can see where the walls meet the slab floor. Expansion joints in the garage provide entry for termites.

*Underneath the house- If home/building has a raised foundation the inspector will need access to the crawl space, usually through the outside of the house. 

*Attic- Clear items away so the inspector can get into your attic. If the attic access is in a closet, remove clothing and other stored items that may block access point.

*Sinks- The inspector will check for leaks and termite evidence under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

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